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When considering a new IT solution for your organization or if you are determined to achieve reasonable savings on your IT operations, we would be proud if you carefully consider services of in4matica.

We believe we are a perfect option for your organization.

Our creative and innovative young team of engineers and developers is always opened for new challenges while we are permanently focused on the success of our customers.

We deliver quality and timely performance on competitive terms.

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business mobile applications

We design and develop advanced mobile applications dedicated for different business sectors.

Our mobile 4inspector application, originally being developed for demanding shipping industry, at present offers its flexible functionality to manage every inspection process regardless of the industry.

in4matica supports clients at all stages of mobile application creation. Starting from business analysis of customer’s needs, through software design and development, up to application’s implementation and service support.

We create mobile applications for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone platforms.

Out team has a proven experience in effective integration of mobile applications with other IT systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)


CRM and ERP solutions

We design, develop and implement CRM and ERP applications fully customized to our clients’ specific needs.

If you feel some business processes at your organization go wrong or they are not supported effectively, let’s analyze them with us to find out right direction of modification.

We have passed successfully through several projects of business processes’ analysis helping our clients to define most effective modifications for their business activity.

Business processes’ analysis carried out prior to any software implementation lowers costs of its implementation significantly, reduces time of implementation, eliminates risks of failure.

Regarding the technology we are flexible. Our team of highly qualified software developers is experienced in the following technologies:

C/C++/C#, PHP, HTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL, SMARTY, MS Visual C++, Java, Java Script, Python, ColdFusion, TCL.


web applications and websites

24/7 availability and no need to install any additional software are the biggest advantages of web-based applications that we perform for our clients.

Web applications can accomplish many different goals starting from online store through CRM, ERP or GIS systems.

They are available for users 24 hours a day via web browser, so you can access them from any workstation connected to the Internet.

in4matica web applications successfully work with other external systems (accounting, warehouse, CRM, ERP, HRM etc.)


IT systems’ integration

Do you administer at your organization an IT environment, consisting of different solutions, facing almost everyday problems of their functional and data overlaps?

Several not integrated applications, different logins and passwords, multiple technology platforms?

We can solve your problems by integration of your different systems into one powerful tool maximizing their performance.

If users at your organization suffer from too many simultaneously operated systems and integration of data stored in these systems becomes a problem, in4matica offers systems’ integration.

Data exchange between several systems, an implementation of specific functions of one system in another, processing of data from multiple sources, a consolidation of used solutions in one environment are the main advantages of properly conducted integration of IT systems.


IT systems’ outsourcing & administration

Concentrate on your own business activity! Don’t waste your time on IT management – in4matica can run it for you

It is cheaper and more effective!

We offer outsourcing services of IT systems management to ensure costs effective and trouble-free operation of your IT environment.

Depending on your needs, in4matica can provide different scopes of outsourcing services to manage your IT infrastructure. We can take care of a whole IT infrastructure or only part of it. We can also serve you our services on demand.

We specialize in Windows and Linux environments, both desktop and server-side as well as we provide efficient administration of communication network.

We also offer any installation works for your network, both wired and wireless.

We ensure costs effective  and trouble-free operation of your IT environment. In case of any trouble, we diagnose the problem and carry out all necessary steps to restore full functionality.


IT competences outsourcing

We are opened to outsource our IT specialists to more complex projects conducted by other entities, subject of their current involvement in our own projects.

Therefore, if you need highly qualified IT specialists please send us enquire with your requirements. We will respond immediately.