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In4matica creative works

Piotr Jędrzejczak, owner and founder of Rokus (zoological wholesaler)

It was stared in 2015 from regular website of but after words we saw together that we need a platform where our clients can make and order and follow the supply chain. As we were using IT accounting and storage system in4matica needs to connect into it and prepare IT tool to show correct data (availability, prices, etc.) online for our customers.

Additional problem for IT staff was our structure as we have three storages across Poland and system needs to work in all locations for our clients.

After 6 mounts of using IT system prepared for by in4matica we can say that this is really cost effective and helps us to plan supply chain to our customers. We also have good savings on operational level.

I can recommend in4matica as a trust partner in IT sector.